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People ask us all the time: how can they get these new residents as their best customers? It all boils down to word of mouth recommendations.

92% of people trust word of mouth recommendations over all other media ad messages. 92%!! That's straight from Nielsen Global Research.. New residents are rabid buyers. They spend $10,000.00 more in their first 90 days of a move than existing residents. So, what does that mean? It means you've got to follow the money. It means: who's spending the most money in town? And it means you've got to differentiate your business from all of your competitors in town. You need to be different. You need to stand out from all the other ad noise out there. And you need to leverage word of mouth recommendations because that's where 92% of the trust is. Wouldn't you say 92% is a huge number? Wouldn't you say leveraging that 92% crowd in word of mouth recommendations is a good idea?

Did you know that contacting new residents is 80 times more effective than contacting established residents (research from Rutgers University). Our greeters will introduce your business to these new residents before any of your competition can reach them. Let our greeters make an amazing and memorable "Wow" impression on them, which will capture them as loyal customers for you.

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